/// the YEFE NOF RESIDENCY /////


Please make sure you address all questions and sections and proofread all materials before submission. A poorly prepared application will cause reviewers to have reservations about recommending an applicant even if they believe the project has great potential. Please make sure your application is as polished as possible and remember that each part of the application should build support for your candidacy. Please do not submit additional material beyond what is requested; it will not be reviewed. 

Nominated/Applications must be original and may not infringe on the rights of a third party. Work failing these requirements will be excluded from YNR.

If you have difficulty accessing or submitting an application via Submittable, please contact us at info@yefenof.com.

APPLICATION DEADLINE Application forms are available at the start of each competition round, January 1. The application process must be completed online through Submittable no later than April 30 for all Residencies (with finalists notified by June 1 and interviews to follow) except for the California Writers Residency which must be completed online through Submittable no later than February 28.

ELIGIBILITY Residencies are intended as opportunities for writers, researchers, and designers to complete final stage work on projects in development. Proposals for self-directed residencies must be compatible with the ongoing dialogue at YNR. Merit and promise are the basis for selections. Unknown authors, mature or emerging, are encouraged to apply. Writers, researchers and designers over 25 residing in the United States, US citizens abroad, and those living internationally with pre-approved visas are eligible. Five residencies are awarded each cycle, including the California Writing Residency which is awarded to three California authors who are over 18 at the time of submission.

DURATION OF RESIDENCY All residencies start the 1st of the month and end six weeks later, with the exception of the California Writing Residency which is made up of three two-week sessions.

TECHNICAL/LEGAL STATEMENTS For all residencies except the California Writing Residency see The Application section of yefenof.com. For the California Writing Residency please read here. All residents will be asked to sign a standard residency contract to cover the house.

AWARDS A rotating committee of experts and professionals in the arts and humanities independently review applications and supporting materials. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of YNR. In some instances, writers, researchers, and designers are invited to participate without submitting an application.

CHILDREN Accommodations for children and family members are provided, but the resident is expected to use the two to six weeks for working alone without any hindrances.

COUPLES Couples who are writers, researchers, and designers may apply individually with the understanding that one partner may be accepted and the other may not.

COLLABORATORS Collaborators may be accepted for a residency, however, they need to submit separate applications along with a joint proposal. 

PETS Dogs are allowed at Yefe Nof only if they remain outside at all times. There is a corral and igloo home for two medium-sized dogs and plenty of ground to cover on walks. Dogs are not allowed in the house. No other pets are allowed.

VISITORS Accommodations for visitors are available at many local hotels, motels and lodges.

REAPPLICATION Previous applicants may reapply for a residency by submitting a new application with new work. Previous residents may not reapply unless it is by nomination or invitation.

LOCATION The Yefe Nof Residency is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, eighty miles (130km) east of Los Angeles. Set in the cozy Crest Park neighborhood, minutes away from Blue Jay and Lake Arrowhead, the original cabin was redesigned into a house that takes full advantage of the alpine backdrop in a unique California combination of seasonal light and sky. 

FACILITIES Residencies offer the space conducive to focused, goal-oriented work. Residents are at liberty to structure their own time and activity. Each is offered full-use of the living accommodations and work-space with a full range of modern conveniences. Residents need to bring their own writing materials and laptops. Areas inside and outside are expected to be maintained by the resident during their stay.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT At present, no stipend is awarded to residents. Residents are responsible for their own personal living expenses, food and beverage, some supplies, telephone charges and any expenses related to the production of work during the residency. Travel and shipping expenses to and from the Yefe Nof Residency program are also the responsibility of the resident. There is no home mail delivery services so arrangements should be made in advance to send through the Lake Arrowhead USPS.

DEPOSIT A $500 good faith deposit is due within two weeks of notification. Receipt of deposit confirms the residency. The deposit is returned within two weeks of departure from the residency program. If a resident cancels a residency reservation less than three months prior to the beginning of the residency, 20% of the deposit is not refunded. There are no fees charged for the residency.

Yefe Nof is a smoke-free environment.

PRIVACY All application materials and work samples are confidential and retained for use of the Yefe Nof Residency only.

COMMUNITY Lake Arrowhead and the Crest Park neighborhood are full of friendly residents, many of whom reside year-round. Although no minimum interaction is expected of residents during their stay, making a positive impact is welcomed and graciously supported.

Ends in 4 days, 22 hours $25.00
  • All applications must be in English.
  • Requirements and selection criteria are the same for each residency. There is no quota on how many writers, researchers, or designers are taken for any given residency cycle, but there are only five residency sessions per cycle.
  • We do not accept incomplete applications.
  • All written work samples, and materials must be submitted in the Submittable form. Web links to articles or other work samples will not be accepted, with the exception for visual artists, composers, filmmakers, and in certain cases, designers. You may contact us to discuss alternate ways of submitting materials, if necessary.
  • The Submittable form allows you to save and edit information. You do not need to finish your online application in one session. You will be able to save the form and return to it at a later date to revise, edit and add information. Your YNR application will not be complete until you hit the submit button. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.